What Is A Pivot Foot In Basketball? Definition & Meaning


Does depend of course if you mean backwards when you say ‘back’. chart of accounts example picks up the ball, puts it in a shooting position. Reading advantage and disadvantage comes back to understanding whether an offensive player has space or not.

For example, they may only run while dribbling the ball. And they cannot begin dribbling again after they finish. If you have a low shooting percentage because of this issue, try using different setups or practice more often. Don’t give up hope – learning how to shoot with pivots takes time and practice. Player leaves the floor for a field goal attempt and purposely drops the ball before shooting or returning to the floor.

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Keep the ball protected in your shot pocket and be ready to make a play for yourself or your teammates. Not playing within these limitations is a violation, resulting in loss of possession of the ball . While holding the ball, jumping and returning to the floor without releasing the ball. They finish off by performing backward pivots 15 times. Coaches should watch all the players closely to see if they are performing the move correctly.

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The feet are irrelevant when the player is on the ground. It becomes a violation for travelingonly if A1 rolls over or stands up. The two-foot jump stop has become popular with many coaches and players.

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A double dribble occurs when the player dribbles the ball, picks it up for whatever reason, performs a pivot, and then dribbles again. A player who is holding the ball and fumbles it out of his control may recover the ball. With the ball in his continuous possession which would result in a traveling violation. Outside pivot is the foot furthest from the inside of the court, thus a reverse pivot. Drill Purpose Teaches footwork, change of direction, shooting on the move.

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This drill can be executed a few different ways depending on how many players are available. This explanation will concentrate on a player working alone. Sign up for our monthly newsletter and get one email per month with the latest definitions and articles from our team. Our team is a diverse group of experienced journalists, passionate sports fans, and highly skilled researchers who are working to build the world’s most detailed collection of sports definitions. Our team is a diverse group of experienced journalists, passionate sports fans, and highly skilled researchers who are working to build the world’s most detailed collection of sports definitions. Then call “go” and they resume the stationary footfire.

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Once a player passes, shoots, or dribbles the ball, they are free to lift their pivot foot. In basketball, you use your pivot foot to move around the court. When you’re shooting or passing, you want to be able to stay in motion as much as possible. Contact between player and ball stops as soon as feet are lifted from floor – this constitutes an interrupt in play . If you move your pivot foot before contact has been made, it’s considered traveling and will result in a foul call against you on most surfaces. Alternatively, if that same player wants to perform a reverse pivot, they would step their right foot backward.

When you are practicing jumps, your pivot foot is the foot that will receive the pass from the jump coach. Pivoting your feet to shoot can be difficult when the pivot foot is stuck on the ground. Once you move your pivot foot, it’s important to keep your balance and aim carefully. Shooting photos and videos with a pivot foot can be accomplished by moving the pivot foot to the bottom of the camera body when shooting stills or video footage. Straight Line Pivots — Learning and executing this pivot is the same as the horizontal + “plus pivot” except for two things. First, the use of the vertical line of the + sign on the floor instead of the horizontal line.


There is no officially-created definition of a “three step layup.” In this particular case, the call was probably right according to rulebook guidelines. If you can’t take two steps after a pivot, it may be because your ankle is twisted or sprained. To check for this, try taking a few gentle steps and see if the pain dissipates. Player shuffles feet in post area, frequently to establish position before a shot or after a rebound.

Pivoting is a skill that can help basketball players out of a variety of different tight spots. Some of these tight spots may include being trapped by a defender. Pivoting and reverse pivoting can help the player find a teammate to pass to. It can also help open yourself up for a good shot or to dribble your way past defenders. The drop step, like the crossover step, can also be utilized by rebounders to gain and maintain a positional advantage. The move is essentially a reverse pivot where the player uses their leg and hip to block and hold off the opposing player.

  • A low-post player who has his/her back to the basket is often wise to receive the ball with both feet planted .
  • Find two lines on the court that form perfect 90-degree angles that look a like giant extended (+) plus sign.
  • If the player comes to a stop after dribbling, they can perform a pivot to evade a defender or pass the ball to a teammate.
  • The action a player will use while in possession of the ball to move in any direction while still keeping one foot in contact with the floor.
  • It is a violation if the player then rolls or attempts to stand up while holding the ball.

You always want to be in a good “basketball position” or stance. From this position, it is easier to start and stop, change direction and pace, jump, shoot, pass, catch and dribble. You should have your weight on the balls of your feet and the feet should be shoulder width apart with the knees flexed. If a player jumps off one foot on the first step, he may land with both feet simultaneously for the second step. In this situation, the player may not pivot with either foot. If one foot or both feet then leave the floor, no foot may return to the floor before the ball is released from the hand.

Learning these more advanced elements of pivoting will take a lot of time, trial and error, and an observant coach to provide direction. If you were dribbling before pivoting, you can not start to dribble after you begin pivoting. The jump-stop is an important part of a successful pro hop. It allows you to get your body in perfect position for your next jump and ensures that you land on all fours correctly. If you’ve ever tried to do a pro hop, you may have noticed that it’s not always easy to pivot the car after you’re done. This is because the car’s suspension usually doesn’t allow for a lot of movement in either direction.

The start-up was able to pivot the app to a new market without losing too many man-hours of coding. The candidate will need to pivot on her unpopular position regarding prescription drug pricing. His arm might be held so that he cannot actually make an attempt. The floor while in possession, he should have an opportunity to throw the ball. Nearer edge of the midcourt line, including the basket and inbounds part of the backboard. Open Basketball Championships produced semifinal bids across the competition as teams fought to keep championship hopes in sight.


Hopefully, with correct pivoting, the player can find an open teammate or make that game-winning shot. A player can jump after pivoting, but they must not be in possession of the ball when their feet touch the floor. A traveling violation will be called on the player if this is the case. Likewise, a player may dribble after their pivot, but only if they did not dribble before performing the pivot.

If you lift your pivot foot while playing basketball, it will result in an automatic goaltending call and loss of possession for your team. Passing, shooting or requesting a timeout begins when feet are lifted from the floor – don’t wait until they’re completely off. Finally, pivoting does not count as a step as long as the pivot foot remains firmly fixed to the floor. A player can pivot and reverse pivot as many times as they need to within five seconds, or a violation will occur.

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The player can even perform a 180° spin or change positions as they see fit, as long the pivot foot stays in place. When playing basketball, always keep your hands on the ball and dribble before you pivot foot leaves the court. Keep your feet together when moving so that you can move quickly and easily. For instance, if a player catches the ball when at least one foot is already on the floor, they are then allowed to use that foot as their pivot foot. They can then use their non-pivot foot to step either forward or backward to perform their pivot.

It can also be used the a help side defender rotates to cut off the offensive player’s path to the basket. The rise of the back pivots importance to players of all levels is proportional to the improvement of team and individual defense. It is hard to score against good defense, but the back pivot can give an advantage to the offense at the rim. The pivot foot may not be lifted, before the ball is released, to start a dribble. These are the rules relating to establishing a pivot foot and to the limitations of what you can do with that pivot foot.

To keep one foot in place while holding the ball and moving the other foot one step in any direction. The act of keeping one foot in place while holding the ball and moving the other foot one step in any direction, so as not to be charged with walking. Control ends when the defensive team deflects the ball or there is a field goal attempt.